Common Work InjuriesCommon Work Injuries

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Slips, Trips and Falls

Wherever you work you are at risk from slips, trips and falls.  Health and Safety Regulations demand that areas where people walk, pass through or stand in should be free from holes or obstructions and that the floor surface is not slippery or uneven.  Failure to maintain walkways properly may result in a personal injury claim.










Workplace Burns

Electricians, construction workers and kitchen staff are probably more at risk from burns although burns can also affect all workers.  Those who work closely with live currents are most at risk and sometimes accidents can result in fatal electrocution.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are probably most likely to affect office workers and drivers who may work for long periods of time with a bad posture.

Head Injuries

Construction workers are probably more at risk of head injury than office workers.  Office workers are however at risk from over-stacked, heavy objects which are stored in elevated positions and are likely to fall.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive Strain Injury (or RSI) is experienced by some workers who repetitively use their hands and arms.  The symptoms include pain and numbness in the wrists, arms, shoulders and neck.

Vision problems

Around 75% of employees who work with computers experience problems with their vision such as headaches, eye strain and blurring.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD can be  experienced by workers in any area who have had a traumatic experience at work.

Seeking legal action after an injury at work

If you have experienced any of the above and have been injured at work you may be entitled to make a Personal Injury claim and you should speak to an experience accident claims Personal Injury lawyer.

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Accidents At Work Claims Types

Here at First Personal Injury we deal with a wide range of accident at work claim types, some of which are listed below. If you have been injured in the workplace from some other type of occurrence, please do not hesitate to contact us anyway, as we may be able to help and advise regarding your claim for compensation.

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