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How much compensation for a broken hipIf you have broken your hip then the chances are you have suffered a serious and debilitating injury.

While it is impossible to estimate exactly how much compensation someone might receive without assessing their individual circumstances, we have put together the figures below to give you an idea of how much is typically awarded in broken hip compensation claims. Below are some guidelines to give you an idea of how much compensation for a hip injury.

  • It is possible your broken hip has left you with no residual disabilities and you have had a complete recovery within the space of two years. If this is the case your likely compensation amount will be around £2,800 up to £9,000
  • Between £9,000 and £19,000 is the compensation bracket granted for people whose broken hip or hip injury has led to a hip replacement operation or other surgery. The bracket also includes individuals who have the possibility of undergoing a hip replacement operation in the future
  • If you have had a significant injury to the hip but there is not a risk of disability in the present or the future then settlement fees normally range from £19,000 up to £28,000
  • £28,000 and £37,500 is one of the most common compensation brackets for hip injuries in general. Injuries that lead to degenerative changes; hip replacement surgery; fracture of an arthritic femur and instability of the leg are the types of conditions considered in this range
  • If your fracture is considered extensive then this could mean a low back joint has been dislocated or you have had a ruptured bladder. Your broken hip may have even caused you spondylolisthesis of a low back joint. The pain experienced may have been excruciating and spinal fusion may have been the course of action taken. The results of this will have been inevitable disabilities, possible sexual dysfunction and hip deformity. In females, a broken hip may make it impossible to have natural birth and all cases may result in having to use a calliper
  • The claim amounts for the above can range from £56,000 up to £93,500

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