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How Much Compensation For Head InjuryIf you have suffered a head injury as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a compensation claim for personal injury.

Acquired head injury

When a head injury is known as an ‘acquired’ head injury or brain injury, it means that it is an injury or damage to your head or brain that has been caused by a trauma, as opposed to a head or brain injury you have had since birth.

Whether you sustained your acquired head injury at work, in a road traffic accident or another kind of non-fault accident, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Process for a claim

Following your accident, it’s vital to contact personal injury solicitors with experience in this area of the law. Advice will then be provided on the chances of success of the claim and the potential levels of compensation.

Your team of solicitors will obtain a medical report on your behalf. This will provide details as to the extent of your injuries and what the future looks like for your symptoms including any relevant treatment which may be required. The report will be used to estimate the levels of compensation to which you may be entitled and which in turn will depend on the severity of the head injury suffered.


A compensation claim brought on your behalf by your team of solicitors will consist of the following:

  • Compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity – this is purely for the injury suffered and will be valued based upon Court guidelines and previous case law of similar accidents
  • Compensation for financial losses – this will depend upon the individual circumstances of the case and will include all the financial losses you may have suffered for example medical costs, loss of earnings or the cost of any modifications to your home.

Levels of compensation

The following levels of compensation are a guide only and based purely on damages provided for pain, suffering and loss of amenity:

  • Minor head injury where the damage is minimal – the level will depend on whether there are any ongoing symptoms- £1,400 – £8,000
  • Minor to moderate brain damage – the level of damages will depend on recovery, ongoing symptoms and the effect on the individual – £10,000 – £185,000
  • Very severe brain damage – could potentially reduce life expectancy, affect your ability to communicate and result in a serious disability – £185,000 – £265,000

Personal Injury Claims with First Personal Injury

First Personal Injury has built up a reputation across the United Kingdom for their approach to personal injury claims. Working with members of the public who have had personal injuries, First Personal Injury exceeds customer expectations.

We have an expert team of head injury solicitors who have years of experience in helping people who have experienced this kind of injury. Contact First Personal Injury for free by calling 0800 808 9740, or, alternatively, by filling out the online claims form.

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