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Considering Making A Child Accident Claim?

Accidents which involve children can be an extremely distressing experience for parents and/or carers (and, of course, the child in question).

More often than not the injuries suffered by the child are of a serious nature, although minor injuries like slight scarring can also be pursued.

Types Of Child Accident Claims

A child can, of course, be injured almost anywhere and at any time but there are certain environments that are more prone to blameworthy accidents than others. Some of these are detailed below:

  • Accidents in schools e.g. a teacher has been negligent in providing first aid treatment to a child who has been injured on school premises
  • Accidents in nurseries e.g. a toddler has been hurt in an accident because there were no proper health and safety precautions put in place to prevent risks
  • Falling from heights accidents. This kind of accident can happen anywhere. One particular example is a municipal playground or privately owned amusement park where perhaps there has not been the necessary health and safety measures taken to prevent accidents or minimise dangers
  • Medical negligence claims can arise from a variety of situations. For example, perhaps there has been a late or wrong diagnosis of a child suffering from meningitis which has led to further physical impairment. Or perhaps there has been an error made while delivering a baby causing permanent brain damage

Who Can Make Accident Claims On Behalf Of Children?


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If your child has had an accident and the blame is down to someone else then you as a parent or legal guardian are entitled to pursue a personal injury case on their behalf. Many child accident claims can lead to a high level of compensation amounts because the damage done seriously impacts the rest of their life and others’.

When your child reaches the age of 18 they then have 3 years from the date of the injury in which they can begin an accident claim if the parent hasn’t already done this.

Other losses can include those of a financial kind e.g. loss of earnings because a parent or guardian has had to give up their job to look after their child. If you have had to pay for medical expenses then you could also be reimbursed for this. The pain and suffering experienced by your child will be built into a compensation claim amount too.

Can First Personal Injury Help With Your Child Accident Claims?

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You may be entitled to compensation for a range of compensation claims under accident claims. Our expert injury solicitors will help assess your potential claim going forwards and provide you with proficient advice.

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