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Manual Handling injury Compensation  

Manual Handling injury claims can occur in many kinds of work environments. However, they are more likely to occur in workplaces such as factories or warehouses where manual handling is a key part of the job role. The exact nature of the manual handling injuries that you could potentially suffer from depends upon the specific manual handling activities that you have to perform for your job role.  

You could be able to claim compensation if your manual handling related injuries are caused by your employer’s negligence. The employer would then be liable to pay compensation for the injuries that you have suffered. Manual handling-related injuries can occur due to one incident or they can happen over a long period of time if improper technique or equipment is used to perform the task.  

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Manual Handling: How To Stay Safe 

Therefore, you should be informed about the specific procedures that your employer must put in place to keep you safe in the workplace. To keep you and your fellow employees safe, your employer should provide you with: 

  • Manual handling training, especially if you work in a manual handling specific role.  
  • Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) if this is necessary for your job role. This likely includes steel toe capped boots and work gloves if you work in a warehouse or factory. If you work in an office where you may have to occasionally perform manual handling tasks it is unlikely that your employer would provide you with this sort of PPE as it is generally not necessary. However, the sorts of equipment that you might have to move in an office would likely be far smaller and less dangerous than in a warehouse. 
  • The provision of any necessary tools and equipment to help you safely complete the job role. Equipment that helps moving and handling equipment includes hoists, slide sheets and transfer boards that can be very helpful for people who need to move heavy weights from point A to B.  
  • Enough staff to safely complete the job role. For example, one staff member should not be expected to lift a weight that should be lifted by two staff members. Furthermore, a weaker or smaller staff member should not be expected to lift a weight that is beyond their capabilities because another staff member is busy.  
  • Regular risk assessments of the job requirements and work environment. 

If your employer has failed to provide you with this sort of training, equipment and personal protective equipment, you could be able to claim compensation for any injuries you have suffered as a result. If you notice any potential hazards in the workplace, such as unstable shelves or unreasonable job expectations, you should raise these problems to a manager. 

If your employer is unwilling to fix any problems you notice, you could potentially report them to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). If you would like to find out more about the health and safety expectations for manual handling, you can find them here on the Health and Safety Executive website. 

Injuries that you can sustain as a result of poor manual handling techniques can include 

  • Injuries to your back  
  • An exacerbation of a pre existing back problem 
  • Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow  
  • Injuries to your shoulder 

If you start to suffer from any of the above symptoms and you think that these are related to your work then you should seek medical attention from your GP and inform your employer/ personnel department immediately.  Similarly if you have time off work due to any symptoms that you think are work related it is important that you notify your employer of this at the time of reporting your absence and in your return to work interview.  

You have three years to make a personal injury claim from the day that your symptoms first started to occur. However, if you are still working for the same company, who could be at fault for causing your injuries, in the same role and your symptoms started more than 3 years ago then you may still be able to claim. Furthermore, if you have continued to have symptoms but have left the company within the last three years you could still be eligible to claim.

Making Personal Injury Claims 

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