4 Warehouse Accidents Misconceptions

4 Misconceptions about Warehouse Accidents

While you might think you know everything about warehouse related accidents and how to stay safe in that environment if you are employed in a warehouse, it is always good to learn more. First Personal Injury have debunked four common myths about warehouse accidents to ensure that you know how to keep safe in the storage and warehouse industry: 

1. Manual Handling Accidents

Manual handling related injuries are the second most common type of injury in the storage and warehouse industry after slip, trip and fall related injuries. Lower back pain is the most common injury that develops due to doing manual handling work, this type of injury can develop over a long time. 

Some people might think that manual handling injuries are just part of the job. However, if you always follow the correct manual handling techniques, such as lifting with a straight back with your knees bent and not lifting anything that is more than you can safely carry, this reduces your likelihood of developing such injuries. Furthermore, you should use handling tools such as trolleys where possible to avoid your risk of injury. Developing chronic pain like back or neck injuries is not inherent to working in a warehouse, with the correct training and practices these injuries can be avoided. 

2. Forklift Accidents

While many employers and employees think that as long as the drivers of forklifts have the correct training this is enough to avoid accidents, this isn’t necessarily true. While this isn’t necessarily mandatory by law, it can be good practice to give some forklift training to all warehouse employees. This won’t necessarily be about how to drive a forklift but rather such training should give information about the visibility that employees have when driving a forklift, so that other employees know how close they can safely get to a moving vehicle. 

3. Action could be taken against me if I make a Claim

While employees from multiple industries worry that they may be punished by their employer if they make a claim after being injured at work, this should not be a fear. If your employer fires you or discriminates against you at work due to making a claim, this would be a case of wrongful dismissal or unfair treatment which could result in legal action against them. 

Therefore, you should not fear that your employer will fire you or take action against you if you make a claim. If they do this could result in further legal action against them as discriminatory practices are not tolerated. 

4. Warehouses are a naturally dangerous place to work

While warehouses might have more risks for injury than other workplaces like an office, they are not inherently dangerous can be made safer by following the correct procedures for safety. Warehouses who have untrained staff or improper racking systems can be dangerous. However, if risks like these are dealt with before they appear and processes, such as storage, are continuously checked and monitored, hazards that could potentially cause an injury are drastically reduced. Warehouses don’t have to be a dangerous place to work. 

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