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Warehouse Shelving Accidents

Many employees do not realise that issues with the racking or shelves in a warehouse can cause serious injuries which can even potentially be fatal. Racking and shelving issues can cause an injury if it overturns or collapses. Furthermore, if something falls off the shelving, it can cause a serious injury to the person who is impacted.  

These sorts of accidents generally happen in warehouses but they can happen in all sorts of workplaces. For example, you could suffer similar injuries if there is a problem with a shelf in a supermarket or a factory.  

It is important to remember that most accidents are preventable. There are specific measures that you and your employer should follow in your workplace to keep you and your co-workers safe. These guidelines are outlined by the Health and Safety Executive and can be found here 

However, we are here to help you process the most important guidelines that you should follow in order to keep you and others safe. 

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Warehouse Accidents: Personal Protective Equipment 

It is important that you wear personal protective equipment in the workplace. Your employer should provide specific equipment for you to be kept safe while you are working at your job in the warehouse. They should provide you with: 

  • Steel-toe cap boots. 
  • Work gloves which are hard and sturdy.  
  • Hi-visibility jackets. 
  • A hard hat which should be worn in certain, specific conditions.  

An injury can easily occur if you do not receive the proper protective equipment that you need to keep safe. For example, if an item is improperly placed on a shelf, you could be injured if it falls off and falls onto your feet.  

Warehouse Accidents: Over Stacking  

Over stacking is a serious issue that is one of the main causes of many warehouse accidents. Over stacking occurs when too many items are placed on a shelf or a rack. This either causes the shelf/rack to become unstable or it causes items to fall off it, potentially hitting someone below.  

Therefore, everyone in the warehouse should be very clear about where items are stacked and how. Much of one item can be stacked in a certain place. Your employer should provide specific training about stacking items and how to notice if racking/shelves are unsafe or unstable. 

If your employer has not provided this sort of training, you could be seriously injured. An unstable shelf/rack can cause very serious injuries if it falls. Someone could potentially be crushed by this sort of accident which could easily kill them. 

Warehouse Accidents: Corner Issues 

The corners of racking are often the most unstable and abused areas. This is because forklift trucks often take the corners around racking too quickly, which can cause the corners to become damaged over time. If the corners are too damaged, the racking could potentially fall over which could be very serious. 

Therefore, people who drive forklifts in your workplace should be trained about how to safely turn a corner without damaging the racking. If your employer fails to give this sort of training to the relevant people within your workplace, it could eventually end up causing a very serious injury to you or a co-worker 

There should also be regular risk assessments on the racking conducted by specific employees who are trained to do these sorts of assessments.  

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