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Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time but when do accidents result in a claim?

This is the first of our blogs that aims to break down scenarios, ideas, and terminology often used in personal injury.

We hope you’ll find it useful.

This week we’ve set the challenge of explaining ‘when do accidents result in a claim? In less than 140 characters (the previous character limit set by twitter, 280 seemed less of a challenge).

‘When do Accidents Result in a Claim?’ 

“Simply speaking, the term accident refers to an incident that occurs in any place or scenario that was unintentionally, often resulting in damage to property or a person. However, an accident can only become a claim when the incident was not caused by the person that suffered an injury and was instead the result of negligence on the part of someone else.

For example, if you were injured in the workplace due to your boss not following health and safety regulations or a co-worker stacking an item unsafely, this would be grounds for a claim. However, if you had already had all the correct training about health and safety but chose to ignore it, resulting in you suffering an accident – this would not be grounds for a claim.”  

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