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Contact Dermatitis Claims

Contact Dermatitis can be caused by workplace irritants. Certain professions are more likely to cause skin conditions than others. In particular, cleaners are one of the professions that are most likely to suffer from dermatitis due to workplace conditions.  

Dermatitis is a general term for a group of similar conditions that causes the skin to become dry and irritated. Contact dermatitis is the most common skin-related condition that cleaners can suffer from.  

Symptoms Of Contact Dermatitis 

If you are a cleaner, you may be suffering from dermatitis symptoms. The most common contact dermatitis symptoms include:  

  • A red rash  
  • Quite severe itching.  
  • Dry and cracked skin.  
  • Scaly skin. 
  • Bumps and blisters to the skin.  
  • Swelling and burning feelings. 
  • Tenderness of the skin. 

If you have contracted contact dermatitis in the workplace, this is probably because you have been exposed to a chemical that you are either allergic to or it is one that causes a severe reaction to people in general. 

 People who come into contact in the workplace with dust or chemicals in the workplace could contract dermatitis. Therefore, your employer is expected to provide you with personal protective equipment (PPE) for you to use in the workplace. PPE for cleaners will include:  

  • Cleaning gloves. 
  • Masks to use when you are using industrial cleaning equipment. If you have an issue with dust, you could also wear your mask generally while working in certain environments. 
  • Aprons or covering clothing.  
  • Goggles to avoid eye contact with a chemical or substance that could potentially be dangerous.  

If you’ve contracted dermatitis as a result of your employer failing to provide you with personal protective equipment, you could be able to claim compensation as a result.  To find out more about how to keep safe in the workplace as a cleaner, visit the Health and Safety Executive’s webpage.

Treating Dermatitis

To treat contact dermatitis, you need to identify the chemical or substance that is causing you to suffer from dermatitis. You can then avoid coming into contact with that specific substance, in the workplace or outside of the workplace. 

From there, it usually takes about two to four weeks to fully recover from your dermatitis. To alleviate the pain and uncomfortableness that you might be feeling while suffering from dermatitis, you can use a wet compress or an anti-itch cream. 

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