E-Scooter Trial Run

A trail on e-scooters is to begin in Birmingham and Coventry looking specifically at the safety of the e-scooters .

E-scooters are often seen as a comfortable and stylish mode of transport with climate change benefits and are a novel way of traveling, they can be extremely dangerous as explained in our guide: Scooter Accident Compensation

There are numerous scenarios that could result in you experiencing an accident and therefore an injury as a scooter rider. For example:

• Accidents, due to poorly maintained roads, creating issues such as potholes, or other hazards such as a large spillage being left on the road.

• Mechanical issues with your scooter

• Injuries due to issues with your safety equipment

• Collisions or accidents relating to another driver

The Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street said: “The West Midlands is proud to be leading the way on future transport development, and I am pleased the Government has put its faith us in again with this new and innovative trial of e-scooters.



“This trial will help bring more flexibility, choice, and greener travel solutions for the region, at a time when we are facing a climate emergency and urging people to leave the car at home.

The key aim of the trial will be to understand how e-scooters can be operated safely in an urban environment and how they can form part of an integrated transport system.

The trial will also look at what types of scooters can be used to provide the best experience, how technology can support travel and safety, and what user training and advice is needed.”

Are they safe?

While hopefully, a scooter rider would just walk away with a few scrapes after an accident, there is the possibility of injuries being more severe. For example:

• Whiplash which is a fairly common injury in relation to road traffic accidents

• Head injuries such as damage to your skull or a concussion

• Broken or fractured bones

• Body parts being crushed which could result in amputation if it is severe enough

• Neck injuries which could cause muscle pain or stiffness

• Lacerations

Road traffic accidents can also often cause psychological injuries such as depression or anxiety.

We look forward to seeing the results of the trial, finding out how safe the e-scooters really are and if they can be used on a UK wide basis for a greener, safer future.

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