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Stripping Down The Facts About Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing is very popular due to the quick nature of the procedure and the fact that it is a long-lasting way to shape and define your eyebrows. You can often get an appointment just by walking into a beauty salon or a ‘brow bar’ in a shopping centre.

However, accidents can happen sometimes, and the consequences of such incidents can be very painful and damaging. First Personal Injury are here to highlight the facts about eyebrow waxing and the personal injury claims surrounding this type of treatment. To find out more about the health and safety standards for the beauty industry, visit the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.

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What Happens During The Treatment?

Before going to the appointment, you should usually grow out your brows for as long as possible so that their natural shape is evident. Longer and thicker hairs are removed at the same time as smaller, more insignificant hairs. When you go for the appointment, hot wax. Will be applied to the edges of the eyebrows, using a slim spatula. The hair is mostly removed from in-between and below the eyebrows but it can also be removed from above if that area is also unruly. If you have suffered an injury during this treatment, you could be able to claim eyebrow wax injury compensation.

Eyebrow Wax Injury Compensation Accidents

The point of this sort of treatment is to create symmetrical, shaped eyebrows. However, due to the use of hot wax which is then ripped off the skin, there is the chance that an accident could occur. For example:

  • You could suffer burns, blisters or swelling if the wax is too hot.
  • If the wax is not applied properly, you could potentially have the main part of your eyebrow ripped off which would be incredibly painful and counterintuitive to the aesthetic look most people are seeking.
  • The skin could potentially be ripped off if the beautician is not careful when removing the wax.
  • You could suffer an infection if the procedure. Is not done correctly.

If you’ve experienced any sort of injury due to undergoing an eyebrow wax treatment, you should go to a GP or your local hospital as soon as possible. It is best to get these sorts of injuries treated as soon as possible so that they do not worsen or develop into infections.

 Steps To Take After An Eyebrow Wax Injury

You should take photographs of your eyebrows to highlight the injuries you have suffered. These photographs can later be used in your personal injury trial to help your case.

The injury should be reported to the beauty salon or beautician that performed the eyebrow wax treatment. The incident may be reported as soon as the treatment occurs as you may immediately notice that something went wrong. You may instead report the incident at a later date if you start to notice bruising or rashes around your eyebrows. They should then write a report about what occurred, which can also later be used as evidence. Performing all of these steps will help to ensure that your claim for eyebrow wax injury compensation is successful.

Making Personal Injury Claims

If you have suffered an injury due to undergoing an eyebrow wax procedure, you may be entitled to claim compensation. First Personal Injury solicitors are available to assist you and help win any compensation that you deserve.

First Personal Injury works with families and individuals across England and Wales, leading them on their legal journey and helping them claim compensation after an accident or injury. Contact our specialist team to begin the process, either by phone on 0800 808 9740 or through our online form.  

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