How To Claim For A Football Injury

Football Injury Claims

Football injuries can occur in all levels of the game, whether you are just playing five aside football with friends or you are performing at a more professional level. You may think that you cannot claim for an injury that occurs on the football field, as it is often seen as just being part of the sport.

However, there are certain scenarios in which a claim for an accident could be made. Such scenarios usually include:

  • Bodily Assault – this could be from another footballer or it could be from officials or spectators.
  • Poor football training procedures or strategies which could cause someone to suffer injury when implemented.
  • Suffering an injury due to a poorly maintained pitch or poorly maintained equipment. For example, if there is a hole in the pitch this could cause someone to be injured if they trip on it.
  • Reckless tackles which could potentially be violent in nature.

Many injuries are simply caused by innocent accidents which come with the territory of playing sport. However, certain incidents are caused by carelessness and recklessness. If you have been injured in an accident which fits any of the criteria listed above, you may be able to claim compensation.

Steps To Take

If you have been injured in a football accident of this nature, there are certain steps that you can take to collect evidence and secure your wellbeing. Evidence is the most crucial piece in determining whether you will win your personal injury case or not. You should:

  • Seek medical treatment – this is important to ensure that you are healthy, and that further damage does not occur, but this step also helps to document your injuries. The medical examination for a football injury will often involve an X-ray to determine whether you have suffered any injuries or not.
  • Take photographs – if your accident was caused by damaged or improper equipment, such as a poorly maintained pitch, you should take a photograph of it. You should also take photographs of any visible injuries that you have sustained. If your injury happened due to a reckless tackle, you cannot necessarily take a photograph of the accident scene, but you can still photograph any injuries you have sustained.
  • Collect witness details – if there were any witnesses to the event, you should take down their contact details. You may later find out that they do not want to come forward to make a witness statement but it still good practice to collect their details at this initial stage.

Amount of Compensation

The amount of compensation awarded is unique to each specific case. Compensation amounts are mainly determined by assessing the amount of pain and suffering that someone has experienced due to their injuries. Similarly, compensation also assesses whether any loss of function has occurred due to the incident. For example, if you are unable to complete tasks as you would prior to the incident then it may be possible to account for this through compensation.

If your football accident caused you to suffer a rib/soft tissue fracture, your compensation may be up to £3,150. In contrast, if your accident caused you to suffer an elbow injury, your compensation may be between £2,810 – £43,710 depending upon the severity. To view general compensation estimates for different injury types, visit our compensation calculator.

Compensation will also take financial losses into account. If you have had to pay for treatment, have lost income due to being unable to work or have incurred any other costs, then it may be possible to recuperate these through compensation.

Making Personal Injury Claims

If you have suffered hearing loss due to conditions in the workplace, you may be entitled to compensation. First Personal Injury solicitors are available to assist you and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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