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What is No Win, No Fee? 

When researching about which solicitor to choose or how much compensation you could be owed after an accident, there is a lot of different legal jargon that appears time and time again – ‘no win, no fee’ is no exception. We’re here to explain this term as simply as possible so that you can ensure that you get the legal representation that is right for you. 

Simply put, a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement means that if the solicitor’s firm that is representing you does not win your case, then you will not have to pay any contingency fees to your solicitor for their work. This is done to ensure that clients who may not have the financial means to engage in a case without this agreement, or clients who fear losing finances over a legal case do not have to worry about this barrier when seeking justice.

First Personal Injury want to ensure that their clients can have legal representation after an accident, finances should not be a barrier to seeking compensation. 

If your solicitor does win your case for compensation, then you will have to pay an already agreed-upon percentage of that compensation as payment to your solicitor. It is always. A good idea to ask about payment terms and details before signing an agreement.

It’s as simple as that.

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