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How Much Compensation for a Misdiagnosis?

12 Jul 2021

How Much Compensation for a Misdiagnosis?

There are many kinds of health issues that can lead to a misdiagnosis.

Two of the most common kinds of misdiagnosis claims that we see are for cancer and broken bones. However, we see misdiagnosis claims from a wide range of health issues covering many different situations.

A misdiagnosis can lead to the initial health issue deteriorating. It often causes more pain and suffering than necessary. It can also lead to permanent or temporary effects on the health of you or a loved one. In some cases, it can also affect your employment prospects and can sometimes be fatal.

If you or a loved one have suffered a misdiagnosis and would like to know how much compensation you could claim, read on.

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How Much Compensation for a Misdiagnosis?

We recommend that you speak to us to discuss the circumstances of your misdiagnosis. Often it can be a very distressing and difficult time for you, but we are here to listen and help you.

If you have a valid personal injury claim, our solicitors will be on hand every step of the way. Please call us on 0800 808 9740 for free, no-obligation advice.

  • A doctor may miss some details of a medical test you have had
  • A doctor may misinterpret results
  • Some people may be receiving a full treatment programme for an illness they do not actually have because they have been wrongly diagnosed
  • Some diseases cause other diseases. It is important that the underlying disease is treated and not the symptom that has been mistaken for a disease.
  • Incorrect prescribing of medication can cause problems and long-term use of some drugs can cause serious health problems.
  • There could have been a delay in you receiving a referral to a specialist
  • A slow or late response to test results during an illness where time is of the essence to help secure a full recovery

Compensation for Misdiagnosis Case Studies

As mentioned, there is a wide range of possible misdiagnosis situations. Here is a small sample of some misdiagnosis cases our solicitors recently settled. This is a guide to help you understand how much you could claim. But, as all cases are different, please speak to us to discuss your unique situation and how we may be able to assist you. A sample of recent cases and how much compensation was awarded for misdiagnosis:

A client was suffering from a brain tumour. Their GP failed to diagnose the tumor for over a year. Leading to a delay in treatment and prolonged suffering from symptoms -£100,000 awarded. Read this case study here

The client was misdiagnosed by a doctor, resulting in; surgery, transfusions, and contracting MRSA- £170,000 awarded  Read this case study here.

After a fall a client’s broken heel was not diagnosed. The undiagnosed broken heel caused a second accident. The second accident resulted in serious injuries requiring surgery- £20,000 awarded.  Read this case study here

Other Examples of Successful Misdiagnosis Claims

For a misdiagnosed brain injury-£2.2 million awarded

Our client injured his finger during a football match. The fractured finger was missed causing his tendon to snap. The client had to have an operation- £47,500 awarded.

Our clients fractured scaphoid was not diagnosed and not treated, now they can't use a hand -£45,000 awarded

Our client's arm injury was misdiagnosed- £40,000 awarded

Cancer not diagnosed until too late - £49,000 awarded

Cancer misdiagnosis - £35,000 awarded

Our client had pain on the right side. The pain was not taken seriously by two different hospitals. This then led to our client collapsing. They had a large tumor growing on their cervix which was pushing their organs to the side. They underwent a full hysterectomy as a result and have to have regular blood tests - £16,500 awarded.

Please do speak to us to discuss your misdiagnosis. We are here to help and get you the compensation you deserve.