Jogging or Walking? Tips to keep safe whilst keeping fit

How to Stay Safe on the Roads when Walking or Jogging

Walking or jogging is a great way to keep active and get some fresh air, even if you’re just moving around your local area rather than going on a hike. Lockdown has seen a 30% increase in people taking up walking, followed in popularity by jogging. Walking and jogging carry a certain amount of risk, which is why it’s important to know how to keep yourself safe. Here we outline some top tips to keep safe whilst keeping fit.

Pedestrians and Vehicles

The most important way to keep safe as a pedestrian is to work to create a safer walking environment for everyone. It is important that pedestrians are aware of their surroundings, especially when crossing roads, just as much as it is important that drivers and cyclists are aware of what is going on around them. If everyone stays alert and adheres to the road safety guidelines, such as waiting for a red light to cross at a road crossing, then this will help make the roads and pavements safer for everyone. 

Slips, Trips and Falls

However, there are other common and less serious injuries that can occur while jogging or walking on the pavement which don’t involve motor vehicles. For example, you could possibly fall on a part of the pavement that hasn’t been properly maintained – either by the council or a private authority on a private road. This is especially common for joggers as they may be concentrating on other things instead of the pavement when moving quickly. If there is a hole, a cracked pavement or an uneven/damaged curb there is a chance that you could slip and fall. 

Therefore, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and where you are placing your feet as much as possible. However, it is also important that if you spot an issue with the pavement in your local area you alert your local authority, such as your council, about the issue so that it can be fixed as soon as possible. While it may be more difficult for joggers than for walkers to keep vigilant, by keeping away from the curb and slowing down when you reach a crossing this may reduce your risk of falling over or suffering an injury.

However, due to the lockdown rules which emphasise that you must stay two meters away from those outside of your household when outside, it can perhaps seem difficult to keep completely safe while on the pavement as you often have to quickly make adjustments to not invade someone’s space. However, a way to counteract this is to continue being as aware as ever, ensuring that you recognise that there are people around you and moving to accommodate them before they get close. This is especially important for joggers as they may have less time to react to someone else’s presence so they should take extra care. 

If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence when walking or jogging on the pavement you could be able to claim compensation. You should take photos of the area where the accident happened, as well as pictures of yourself and being checked out at the GP or hospital for any injuries so that you have evidence to help your case. 

Accidents do happen no matter how many precautions you take. You should take the necessary actions to keep yourself and those around you safe when walking or jogging. However, when an accident happens that wasn’t your fault we are here to help.

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