Pedestrian Receives £3,000 After Manhole Trip

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The solicitors at First Personal Injury worked hard to secure Andrew £3,000 in compensation after he tripped on a raised manhole cover.


AGE 31 at time of injury
INJURY SUMMARY Neck and shoulder injury and soft tissue injury to the right foot.
CASE RESOLUTION Liability admitted in full and case settled in April 2015 for £3,000

Our client Andrew was walking in Bradford city centre when he tripped and fell on a raised and unstable manhole cover. He fell on his outstretched arm and injured his right foot, right shoulder and neck.

Immediately following the accident Andrew found it very difficult to walk and experienced shooting pains in his right foot. After attending hospital, he was told that he had sustained soft tissue damage in his foot and was prescribed painkillers. While Andrew’s arm and shoulder injury lasted two weeks, it was over 6 months before his foot had completely recovered.

Andrew’s injuries did not lead to him taking time off work but he was put on light duties in his job as a gardener. He also experienced sleeping difficulties for 4 months after the accident until the pain in his foot improved.

After Andrew contacted the team at First Personal Injury, we worked to ensure that he was properly compensated for his injuries. We pursued his personal injury claim on the basis that the company responsible for the manhole cover had failed to maintain it in a safe and proper condition and that this had caused Andrew to fall.

Initially, liability was denied but was then admitted when we issued the defendant with court proceedings. However, in the end, Andrew’s claim was resolved in an out-of-court settlement for £3,000.

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