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An inmate from a UK prison is making a hand injury compensation claim against a prison for £10,000.

The 44-year-old former taxi driver who is making the claim says the injury happened while he was helping remove refuse from inside the prison in March 2013.

As the rubbish was being removed, he put his hand on the side of the skip and used the handle of a mop to keep the lid open while rubbish was being put inside it by another inmate. The mop handle came away from his grip, forcing the lid to come crashing down on the hand that was resting on the side, causing hand injuries.

Accident Injuries

The injuries suffered were said to last for three months, according to the prison inmate. He says that following the accident he has been unable to use cutlery properly but added that there has been no long-term damage experienced. He said that there was not the appropriate equipment available to prop up the lid. The case will not be heard until next year.

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