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newsAn undisclosed compensation settlement has been made to the family of a young girl who suffered serious brain injuries at a hospital 12 years ago.

The girl was born prematurely during a holiday abroad. A few weeks later when she was at home, she developed a brain infection and was taken to the closest hospital and given antibiotics which initially seemed to be working. Following her admittance she was then referred to another hospital for treatment but the brain damage had already happened and the effects were permanent.

Hospital Responsible For Brain Injuries

The case went to the High Court in London where it was found that the first hospital was responsible for her brain injuries. The case against the hospital says that the staff on duty did not provide the correct neurological treatment which ultimately led to the brain damage. The hospital trust has admitted there was a breach of duty and that they should have admitted the girl to a specialist unit earlier; it agreed to pay for 75% of the full value of the claim. The legal representatives of the hospital trust did say that the delay in getting specialists treatment could have been partly down to the failings of other hospitals also involved in the process.

Five Figure Compensation Settlement

The judge approved the settlement amount and said that the parents of the girl had showed her ‘selfless devotion’. The young girl is unable to walk without the help of aides and has permanent learning disabilities but it was heard how she still remained ‘sparky and animated’. The final amount is estimated to be a five figure sum that will finance her care needs for the rest of her life.

Claiming Compensation For A Brain Injury Or Medical Negligence

If you or your child has experienced a brain injury through medical negligence then you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim for compensation. Negligence claims can often be complex and therefore longer than other personal injury claims, however, with the help of specialist negligence lawyers you can ensure your case is dealt with as swiftly as possible with the best possible results.

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