Drivers Could Be Given A Ban After Two Speeding Offences

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Drivers Could Be Given A Ban After Two Speeding OffencesIn a bid to cut road traffic accidents a proposal has been put forward which could potentially mean that after two speeding offences drivers could be banned.

The proposals would see motorists given six penalty points for breaking the speed limit by a significant margin. A driver with 12 points on their licence is disqualified automatically.

The excessive speeds could be defined as more than 50mph in a 30mph zone, 70mph in a 50mph zone or 90mph on a motorway.The exact thresholds are yet to be decided.

The law at the moment means that most motoring offences are given a standard fixed penalty notice and three penalty points.New proposals see a significant increase in the amount of points awarded for a motoring offence.The new system could see drivers receiving six penalty points without a court hearing.

It is hoped that the new proposals will cut the number of road traffic accidents and is meant to target the most dangerous drivers.

Cathy Keeler of Brake, the road safety campaign group, welcomed the prospect of increased penalties for the worst speeders.

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