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Road Safety Focuses On Eye Tests For Drivers

road traffic accidentsAn MP from Huddersfield is backing a new safety campaign encouraging drivers to get eye tests in order to prevent road traffic accidents.

Colne Valley MP, Jason McCartney is displaying his support for the Fit To Drive campaign which is being run by RSA Insurance Group and is backed by road safety charity, Brake.

Other MPs from different parties also took part in the campaign by having their eyes tested to see if they met with the minimum eye health standards.

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Road Accidents Caused By Poor Vision

Research has shown that impaired vision can lead to many different kinds of accidents on the roads and there are approximately 3,000 casualties in the UK every year caused by poor eyesight.

A report named Healthy Eyes, Safer Roads which seeks to demonstrate how having regular eye tests can contribute to keeping road users safe highlights some recommendations for policymakers so more eyesight tests are undertaken.

Legally, you are required to be able to read a registration plate of a vehicle produced after September 2001 from 20 metres. The campaign wants to see drivers having eye tests every two years and encouraging those who need glasses or lenses to drive, to wear them.

Statistically, if you fall beneath the required vision standards then you are more likely to crash your car, although many cases show that drivers who do have poor eye sight are unaware of it.

MP Jason McCartney said that as a driver you should take other people’s safety ‘extremely seriously’ and that having an eyesight test is an important part of this. He added: “Thousands of crashes happen every year because of poor vision, at great cost to those involved and to the economy as a whole.”

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