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Untrained Factory Worker Receives PayoutA factory worker has received an accident claims compensation payout for the injuries he received whilst working unsupervised in a new job.

The Incident

John McFarlane had only been working at Unipres car parts manufacturers in Sunderland for two days. He was left alone to tighten chains in the back of a lorry when the ill-fitting chains flew back and hit him in the mouth.

Years Of Dental Treatment Required

The 42-year-old from Washington was taken to hospital with a broken jaw. He lost seven teeth and is still unable to eat solid food. Mr McFarlane now wears dentures and he will require years of dental treatment.

Unipres Accepted Liability

Unipres accepted liability and paid Mr McFarlane £47,000 in factory accident compensation. He said losing my teeth has been the most painful thing I have ever been through. GMB union representative Michael Hopper said his accident has proved costly for Unipres who could have easily avoided this from happening had it taken the time to train Mr McFarlane properly.

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