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How Much Compensation For Repetitive Strain Injury

How Much Compensation For Repetitive Strain InjuryRepetitive Strain Injuries cover a range of different conditions which can often begin in the workplace. You may also recognise this condition as RSI or as a work-related upper limb disorder.

Compensation Ranges For RSI

How much compensation for a repetitive strain injury is based on a number of different factors which include the following:

  • The lower end of the scale covers cases where there has been a complete recovery in a matter of weeks. These claims usually result in settlement fees of around £1,575
  • If the symptoms of your RSI resolve within 3 years then figures between £6,175 and £7,700 can be expected
  • Higher rewards are given in cases where one side of the body has been affected by the injury ( unilateral) and there is still evidence of fluctuating symptoms. Fees in this bracket are approximately £10,600 up to £11,700
  • Bilateral ( affecting both sides of the body) incapacity resulting surgery will see amounts of £15,650 granted. Loss of employment can also be evident in these cases

Types of Repetitive Strain Injury

Types of Repetitive Strain Injury include tenosynovitis; carpal tunnel syndrome; epicondylitis. How much compensation for each of these will be based on the above factors as well as age; whether or not the dominant side of the body has been affected; if you are able to work or not and if there has been the need for surgery.

If you would like more details on how much compensation for repetitive strain injury then we recommend you speak to a qualified personal injury accident lawyer.

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