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How Much Compensation For Nerve Damage Because nerves are present throughout our entire body, damage is technically possible almost anywhere. Nerve damage injuries vary in severity and can be caused by a variety of incidents. From car accidents, accidents at workmedical negligence, there are a range of scenarios in which a nerve injury might occur.

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Nerve Damage Compensation Amounts

We have detailed below some of the more commonly seen scenarios where nerve damage has occurred and the associated compensation amounts. In the first instance, it is advisable to speak to a personal injury solicitor to gain more insight into how much compensation for nerve damage you might expect to receive.

Depending on the part of the body affected and the severity of the incident that caused the injury, the effects of damage to the nerves can be permanent or temporary. Some areas of the body, such as the spine, are more likely to be affected by long-term nerve damage. No matter how severe your injury, if you have suffered because of a third party, then you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

The below information aims to give a general idea as to how much compensation you can expect from nerve damage injuries.

Type of nerve damage

Potential compensation

Nerve damage in thumb resulting in a significant loss of grip £7,700 – £13,360
Nerve damage to one or both lower limbs following a serious leg injury £14,320 – £22,130
Nerve damage in the nose or nasal complex following a nasal fracture £8,480 – £18,440
Damage to the spinal cord resulting in damage to the nerve roots and serious consequences for the injured individual. Severe pain including incomplete paralysis and loss of some function to the bowel and/or bladder or sexual function. £72,620 – £128,320
Carpal tunnel syndrome affecting both sides of the body and resulting in continuous pain £17,460 – £18,440
Carpal tunnel syndrome with changeable unilateral symptoms (on one side of the body) £11,890 – £13,020

Making A Claim For Nerve Damage

First Personal Injury solicitors will be able to work out how much compensation for nerve damage for your particular case once we have more details about your injury. Please call our experienced and friendly team today on 0800 808 9740.

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