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Compensation Amounts for Pain and Suffering

If you’re successful in a compensation claim for personal injury, then you could be awarded compensation based upon pain and suffering, loss of amenity (or function) as well as special damages (financial costs). We have outlined below how pain and suffering, as well as loss of amenity, are calculated for compensation. All of these factors will be calculated individually and will be specific to your case. For example, there isn’t a standard amount of pain and suffering for those who are involved in car accidents, it will always depend on what happened and the severity of the injuries.  Make a claim now by calling 0800 808 9740 or contacting us online.

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The following criteria will determine how much general damage (pain, suffering, and loss of amenity) compensation you are awarded: 


The severity of your injury is a vital part in determining how much compensation you will be awarded. For example, if your injury was life-threatening you might be awarded more compensation. Similarly, if you have had to undergo surgery or another form of treatment then this is another important factor in determining compensation. If your injuries have caused you to experience a loss of amenity, meaning you are unable to complete certain tasks as you would before, then this will also be accounted for when calculating how much compensation you are owed.


The time frame within which your injury lasted as well as the suffering associated with this injury will also play a vital role in determining how much compensation is potentially available. The length of time you’ve endured physical, emotional or mental suffering is very key. If your injuries or symptoms are permanent or cause scarring, then this will also increase the amount of compensation you will receive. 


As with any sort of legal claim, evidence is key. For the claim to be successful, it must be proven that the other side was responsible for your accident and that the accident caused the specific injuries that you sustained. Evidence will be obtained from an independent medical expert who is specialised within the field relevant to your injuries. Therefore, more than one medical expert may be required depending upon your injuries. The medical expert will provide a report and include a prognosis on your injuries for whether they recommend any further treatment. 

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Most personal injury cases have a three-year time limit to make a claim, beginning from the date when the accident happened, so it is important that you contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as you feel able. To find out general compensation guidelines for specific injuries, visit our compensation calculator. However, it is important to note that these are just guidelines for general damage compensation, as each case is assessed on an individual basis. To understand how much compensation, you will be owed in your specific case, it is best to discuss your case with a personal injury solicitor directly.

Making Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. First Personal Injury solicitors are available to assist you and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.  First Personal Injury works with both families and individuals across England and Wales, leading them on their legal journey and helping them claim compensation after an accident or injury. To learn more or to start your claim, get in touch with our expert team