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Why Claim Compensation Following A Workplace Accident

Despite excellent health and safety standards here in the UK, accidents in the workplace are not a rarity. Even employees of the most conscientious organisations can find themselves victim to a serious slip, fall or machinery malfunction. When a significant accident takes place the unexpected trauma, and potentially life-changing injury, can seriously affect your everyday life. It is only fair that you receive some form of compensation for your misfortune – though money may never fully compensate for the knock to your physical or physiological wellbeing.

There are numerous reasons to claim compensation following a workplace accident, aside from the simple fact that you deserve it.

It’s straightforward and affordable

In this day and age, making a compensation claim couldn’t be easier or more affordable. Make the most of a no-win no-fee lawyer that will assess your case and guide you through the compensation process, only taking a cut if they succeed. No-win no-fee compensation means you do not have to fork out hourly legal fees or court costs to find that you are not eligible for financial reimbursement, and, in fact, you are worse off than when you started!

Your workplace has insurance to cover themselves

Loyal employees may struggle with the idea of taking their employer to court following a personal injury in the workplace, but put your emotions aside and remember that your employer should be insured to protect themselves in the event of such an incident. They are likely paying out large insurance premiums in the event of an accident, so you may as well make the most of their policies. Financially, neither parties will have anything to lose. Don’t be concerned that the organisation at fault will take a dent to their integrity – their pride is not as important as your health and wellbeing.

Financial compensation is ready and waiting for every workplace accident

Don’t think you’re eligible to make a compensation claim? You’ll be surprised just how common workplace accidents are, and how almost every incident is eligible. Common workplace accidents include, but are not limited to:

Slips, trips and falls

A serious slip, trip or fall, may occur for a variety of reasons such as poor building maintenance or following a spillage. Injuries can include temporary debilitating fractures and sprains.

Factory accidents

There are many forms of factory accidents that can occur: faults with machinery, objects falling onto employee or injuries whilst using factory transport.

Office injuries

Your office probably seems like a hazard-free setting, but a simple electrical fault could lead to a serious shock whilst a spillage on the office kitchen floor may see you suffer a major bump. Whatever injury you experience in the office, you are likely able to make a claim.

Construction site injuries

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous workspaces, no matter how well prepared you are for the hazardous work at hand. Tragically over 2,800 construction workers die every year whilst at work and far more are injured.

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It’s possible to claim for work-induced illness too

It’s not just workplace accidents that could make you eligible for substantial compensation. There is a variety of work-related illnesses and injuries that should see you receive financial compensation. Are you suffering from any of the following conditions due to your work?

Acoustic shock

If you have been exposed to sudden loud sounds or high pitch noises which are played directly into your eardrum, you may have experienced serious auditory damage leading to long-term suffering or decreased hearing. Compensation can be claimed when this acoustic shock means you are no longer able to enjoy life to the full or are rendered unable to work.

Back injuries

Without the correct precautions, such as training and equipment, workplace back injuries can easily occur. These injuries can mean time off work and serious long-lasting problems.

Trigger finger

Trigger finger is the thickening of tendons within your hand following manual work. A very uncomfortable condition, this disorder, can lead to time off work and loss of earnings – hence compensation reimbursement.

Vibration white finger

If you are exposed to high levels of frequent vibration, you may experience Vibration White Finger that will leave your hands feeling like they are permanently vibrating. This condition commonly occurs when using drills or chainsaws frequently.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Repeated extending and flexing of the wrist can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome which gives pain and numbness in your wrist and hand. It may make everyday tasks more challenging and could entitle you to make a claim.


This form of repetitive strain injury can lead to the loss of effectiveness of your hand and fingers. If you experience this injury, it can be difficult to maintain employment. If this is the case, any tenosynovitis compensation will include the loss of future earnings.

Miner’s knee

Miner’s knee is usually experienced by industrial workers who undergo much kneeling and bending in their work. This form of compensation is undergoing legislative changes to clarify some of the details of what makes an individual suitable for a miners knee claim.

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Have you been in an accident that wasn’t your fault?

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