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Factory Accident Claims

Factories are home to large production lines which often utilise heavy machinery, forklift trucks, manually-operated and electrically-operated equipment, as well as hazardous chemicals.

There can be a large number of employees working in a factory, from office staff to shop-floor workers. Due to the size and complexity of many factory-run companies, there is potential for a range of accidents to occur.

If you work in a factory and have been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

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Types Of Factory Accidents

There are a number of ways in which accidents can occur in a factory or manufacturing environment.

Serious factory accident claims arise where there has been a major health and safety negligence from an employer. For instance, a company may not make the necessary checks on machinery, resulting in a fault and causing a disabling condition for an employee.

On the other hand, there could be an office worker who has never been given the correct workstation assessment training and has developed a Repetitive Strain Injury.

Generally, factory accident claims involve one of the following:


The injuries that can occur in a factory also vary, but include:

  • Spinal and back injuries
  • Burns
  • Breaks and fractures
  • Poisoning
  • Respiratory problems
  • Damaged eyesight

Legally, your employer must take steps to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries happening. Under Health and Safety law, employers must do a number of things to ensure safety. These include:

  • providing the correct equipment to carry out a job safely
  • providing protective equipment e.g. overalls
  • allowing for proper breaks where needed
  • providing adequate ventilation.

If you believe you have a factory accident claim and your employer has been negligent, you should speak to a specialist personal injury lawyer who will be able to assist you with the details of your case.

How much compensation could I claim for a Factory Accident Claim?

All personal injury cases are unique and so the amount of compensation that is awarded in each case is also unique. Compensation is understood by looking at two specific factors: general damages and special damages.


The pain and suffering that your injuries have caused are main factors that are used to determine how much general damage compensation you are owed. This will usually be determined by undergoing a medical examination, from which a report is created that highlights the length of time the injuries will take to heal as well as their severity. Our compensation calculator will give you an indication of how much general damage compensation you might be entitled to based upon your injuries.


In addition to receiving compensation for your injuries, you may be able to reclaim any financial losses that you might have suffered as a result of your injuries. Compensation for financial losses is known as special damages compensation. This can include losses such as loss of earnings due to not being able to return to work, the cost of treatment as well as travel to treatment. It is important that you keep any receipts or evidence of additional losses in order for these to be reclaimed.

With the exception of children, there is a three-year time limit on making a personal injury claim. This time limit begins from the date that the accident initially occurred. Therefore, you should contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to assess your case.