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A recent news report has found that assaults on prison officers have reached a record high in England and Wales. Many of these prison officers could be entitled to compensation if HM prison service has failed to implement the necessary measures to protect them from such attacks.

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Common prison officer assault injuries

Prison can be a volatile environment in which prison officers are exposed to a number of hazards. Examples of the most common injuries from a physical assault are:

Other types of accidents involving prison officers

This is not an exhaustive list and prison officers may suffer from a whole host of injuries as a result of breaking up fights between inmates, controlling prison riots and restraining inmates. Other injuries may arise as a result of poor conditions or quality of training within the prison, for instance:

You should contact a legal specialist if you believe that you have a claim. A personal injury solicitor will be able to guide you through the legal process in a quick and easy manner.

Evidence that will be required to make a claim

An employer has a duty of care to its workers and must take every reasonable step to ensure that they are safe in the workplace. In order to make a claim, it will be necessary to gather evidence to prove that the prison or company behaved negligently in their duties to you. A typical profile of evidence would likely demonstrate that the employer:

  • Failed to carry out an appropriate risk assessment
  • Failed to implement the risk assessment
  • Was unaware of an inmate with a history of violence
  • Ignored previous violent behaviour and failed to implement measures to prevent future assaults from occurring

Moreover, you could be entitled to claim if the employer has failed to provide adequate training or protective equipment. Each employee should be trained to mitigate dangerous situations and they should be provided with safety equipment to help reduce the risks of sustaining a serious injury. If your employer has failed to take these steps then there may be ground for a compensation claim against them.

What is included in my claim?

Claims are generally split into two parts: the general damages and the special damages. The general damages part of your claim refers to the physical or psychological injuries you have sustained as a result of the assault. The special damages will cover things such as loss of earnings, travel expenses, medical bills and the cost of care or therapy.

Why should I make a claim?

One of the best reasons for making a claim is to simply hold the employer accountable for their negligence. A successful claim will help to encourage prisons to implement better safety measures for their employees. Moreover, you cannot legally be dismissed from your position for bringing a claim against your employer. If this happens you could be entitled to make an unfair dismissal claim and you should get in touch with a legal professional as soon as possible.

How to claim compensation?

At First Personal Injury we have a specialist team of personal injury lawyers who have a wide range of experience dealing with personal injury claims, including prison officer assaults. We’ll guide you through the entire legal process from start to finish and ensure that you reap the results you deserve.

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