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Lung cancer can be caused by dangerous and poisonous chemicals and substances in the workplace.

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Asbestos, cadmium, coal, nickel and arsenic are all found in industrial workplace settings. Asbestos is particularly prevalent and despite its notoriety, it is still used in some buildings today. People are still suffering from work-related lung cancer because of the past and present use of asbestos.

The ship building, piping and lagging industries have all witnessed the negative effects of asbestos and as a result, there are a lot of people who have contracted lung cancer. Electricians, builders, plasterers and plumbers are some of the most common tradesmen affected.

How Can Work-Related Lung Cancer Affect Me?

As with any kind of lung cancer, the effects of work-related lung cancer are usually very serious.

The prognosis is usually a life expectancy of only a few years, although some people can recover if the disease is caught early enough. However, one of the characteristics of the disease is late onset symptoms, meaning most cases lead to early death.

If you have lung cancer you may have had to have time off work because one or more of the following possible symptoms:


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L Smith from Lincoln
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  • Coughing and breathlessness
  • Surgery causing scarring and pain
  • Psychological damage such as lack of self-esteem, social, anxiety and fear following diagnosis
  • Extreme tiredness and lethargy as a result of treatment
  • Cancer fatigue caused directly from the cancer itself
  • Negative effects on your sex life

Getting Help You With Your Work-Related Lung Cancer Claim

The practical aspects of dealing with a work-related lung cancer diagnosis can be distressing. Pursuing a personal injury claim through your employer can seem like an even more daunting task.

At First Personal Injury we will help remove worry by handling your claim and will keep you informed through the claims process.

You have a right to pursue compensation if the injury you have suffered from was through no fault of your own. If your employer has failed to protect you from the hazards in the workplace which have caused lung cancer and it can be proven then you could have a compensation case to pursue.

Work-related lung cancer is different from some other work-related diseases as the symptoms of it are very late onset in some cases. This means it can be challenging to prove, but not necessarily impossible.

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Time limits do apply to most personal injury cases but there are some exceptions in cases of lung cancer related to asbestos. Please get in touch with us to find out more about how to begin your work related claim.

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