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Hotel Accident Claims

If you have suffered an injury at a hotel as a guest or as an employee, you could be eligible to claim compensation.

Whether you are an employee or a customer, every hotel has a duty of care to ensure that safe working conditions and health and safety guidelines are met. If a failure to meet these guidelines results in an injury, you may be eligible to claim up to thousands of pounds in compensation.

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Hotel Accident Claims

When staying at a hotel, you deserve to have a great experience but most importantly, you deserve to be safe. Staff, whether directly employed or an agency worker, are entitled to breaks and protection from harm. If an injury has been caused due to a hotel’s lack of care – meaning failings in health and safety as well as working conditions –the hotel owners could be held accountable and liable to pay any compensation.

Our personal injury solicitors are here to help. Whether the hotel is a large brand or a local establishment, we can help you achieve compensation if you have suffered an injury due to an accident that wasn’t your fault. First Personal Injury are well respected within the law profession and our record includes a vast number of successfully won personal injury cases.

If you have a valid basis upon which to make an injury claim, we will provide advice as well as an estimation about the amount of compensation you could be owed.

Different types of hotel injuries

If health and safety regulations are not properly followed, hotels can become hazardous environments where injuries could occur. There are many different scenarios in which injuries may be sustained in a hotel. Below are a few examples.

Some of the most common hotel accidents include:

  • Injuries sustained in a hotel car park
  • Slip and falls
  • Showers and electrical equipment causing burns.
  • Exposure to harmful substances
  • Unattended swimming pools
  • Accidents caused by broken or loose handrails
  • Injuries caused by old furniture breaking
  • Assault or theft
  • Slips and trips caused by inadequately fitted floors such as carpets, rugs or tiles.
  • Food poisoning

Some of the most common injuries sustained in hotels include:

  • Drowning – Due to unattended pools.
  • Crush Injuries – Due to falling objects and racking.
  • Heat burns – Due to oil or kitchen equipment.
  • Food Poisoning – Due to out of date food or lack of health and hygiene controls.
  • Chemical burns – Due to employers not providing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training.
  • Back Injuries – Due to manual handling accidents and slips, trips or falls.

If you have suffered an injury or illness due to an unsafe scenario at a hotel, please contact our experts today for a no-obligation discussion about your eligibility to claim. If the incident wasn’t your fault, you could be owed a large amount of compensation.

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