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If you believe you have suffered an injury due to a defective airbag, our lawyers are on hand to help you make a claim for the compensation you deserve. Airbags should help in reducing injury during road accidents. However, because they can inflate so rapidly, this means they come with the risk of causing further injuries.

Airbag injuries

Airbags are designed to cushion and protect you following a road accident by rapidly inflating, then deflating. The process of deploying the bag, however, is sudden and explosive. The force needed to deploy the airbag can cause injuries to the driver including burns, bruising, fractures and even hearing loss. Other common injuries may include:

  • The inflating propellant can combust, causing respiratory and eye irritation
  • The combustion could cause burns to your chest, neck, face and arms
  • The force of the deployment can cause bruising and abrasions to your skin
  • The noise of the explosive device can cause hearing loss
  • The arms and hands are raised and which causes broken bones.

In addition to the injuries above, there are also cases of chest damage due to the speed at which the airbag is deployed. These include rib and sternum fractures, rupture of the aorta, damaged breast implants, and even heart attacks.

Some of these injuries might not be as severe as the collision itself and you may not develop problems until sometime after.

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Who is responsible?

If the airbag that caused your injury was defective in design or manufacture, the manufacturer will likely be held responsible. A defect can include:

  • Any design flaws
  • Errors during assembly
  • Failure to include warning labels
  • Incorrect safety directions in the user manual
  • Manufacturing errors

If a manufacturer was responsible for a defective airbag that caused you an injury, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Under the “strict liability law” there is no need for the claimant to prove liability when it comes to defective airbags as long as the defects have already been recorded and proven. There are also potential instances to claim where car garages fail to carry out maintenance of vehicle airbags during the course of checks such as a vehicle service or MOT.


There are two specific types of airbag injury compensation which you may be able to pursue. The first is general damages which reflects the severity of the injuries and takes into account the following:

  • Life-changing injuries
  • Mental trauma
  • Pain and suffering

The second type of compensation is known as special damages. This relates to historic and future financial costs as a result of injuries incurred such as:

  • Adaptions to the home
  • Additional transport costs
  • Additional medical equipment required
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Medical expenses

How to claim

If you believe that you have a claim, it is recommended you contact a solicitor who specialises in claims for airbag injuries. Compensation may be payable if negligence can be proven.

First Personal Injury Lawyers have a team of no win no fee solicitors who are experienced in all types of road accident and airbag injury claims.

On behalf of our clients, we can issue claims for past and future losses. We will take into account your pain and suffering, loss of earnings, need for specialist support and physical disabilities.

We understand the difficult circumstances that can come with making a claim whilst dealing with the physical and emotional stress of a car accident. Our team will guide you through the legal process as quickly and simply as possible whilst getting you the result you deserve.

Contact First Personal Injury to discuss your claim today on 0800 808 9740 or, alternatively, fill out our online form.

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