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Located on either side of the face under each eye, cheekbones are prominent and so are particularly vulnerable if the face is injured.

Known in the medical profession as the zygomatic bone, malar bone or malar, the most common injury to the cheekbone is a fracture or break. If this injury is suffered through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to make a cheekbone fracture compensation claim. It is always best to speak to a solicitor to help you determine whether another party is liable for your cheekbone fracture claim.

Common accidents which can cause cheekbone injuries

There are many types of accident that can cause cheekbone injuries. Some of these include:

Motorcycle road traffic accident

Statistics show that motorcyclists are more likely to receive an injury than those driving larger vehicles. Getting knocked off a motorcycle could result in the individual suffering a head injury, including a broken or fractured cheekbone.

Pedestrian car accidents

Pedestrians can be vulnerable if hit by a car. If they are launched into the air by the impact, multiple injuries including cheekbone fractures can occur.

Car crashes – driver and passenger injuries

Facial injuries and cheekbone fractures can often happen when high-speed collisions occur between cars and motor vehicles. These can be caused by the driver hitting his head on the steering wheel or passengers hitting the dashboard, seats or windows.

Accidents at work

Falling unexpectedly at work due to spillages, slippery surfaces or tripping hazards could lead to an individual slipping and hitting the floor with their face possibly resulting in a head or facial injury including broken cheekbones. Workers on building sites are also at risk from falling objects.

Supermarket and pavement slips and trips

Compensation claims following a trip or slip in a supermarket are common due to objects or hazards being left in the aisles. Pavement defects often cause trips with broken and fractured cheekbones being a common injury resulting from such accidents.

Medical negligence

Medical procedures which involve cheekbone reconstruction can go wrong due to negligence and lead to medical negligence claims.

Sporting injuries

Cheekbone injuries can be very painful and are particularly common among those who play sports. Fractures are the most frequent form of injury and these will often result in bruising, soreness, loss of sensation, flatness of the cheek and swelling. The face is a vulnerable area and injuries to the cheekbone can have a detrimental effect, in particular on the eye, causing pain and problems with sight. Flailing elbows and clash of heads are a constant risk in football and rugby for instance.

Injuries can range in severity with the most serious requiring surgery and potentially leading to permanent damage. In these sorts of claims, clients can expect to receive larger compensation payouts.

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