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Our team of expert solicitors are here to help if you have suffered from a rotator cuff injury that wasn’t your fault.

At First Personal Injury we have helped many individuals pursue successful personal injury claims over the past twenty-five years. We will guide you through the legal process to guarantee that you are awarded the full compensation that you are entitled to.

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Rotator cuff injuries

A shoulder injury can impact every part of our life. It may impede us from performing an endless list of daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, driving, working and caring for our children etc. This is mainly because shoulder injuries often lead to pain in other areas of the body – for example, the back, arm or hand – and this can limit a person’s capabilities immensely.

The rotator cuff is a set of tendons and muscles holding together your shoulder and arm. A rotator cuff tear or sprain can leave an incredibly painful and weak sensation in your shoulder. Sometimes the pain can be felt down your arm, making moving and sleeping at night very hard. These injuries are often the result of car accidents or workplace accidents.

The pain can affect daily life radically. It can inhibit you from carrying out hobbies, working, or performing day-to-day duties. You are likely to have a claim for personal injury if it can be demonstrated that your injury was caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Older people who have endured wear and tear above and beyond the norm are usually the most prone to rotator cuff injuries. People working in employment where this region of the body is subjected to repetitive strain are at the greatest danger of developing this injury.

What are the causes of rotator cuff injuries?

Causes of injury may include:

  • Pulling an object that is too heavy or employing an inaccurate pulling method
  • Directly falling on the shoulder or using an arm to break your fall
  • Lifting an object that is too heavy or employing an inaccurate method of lifting

If you suspect that your rotator cuff injury happened due to your employer’s negligence, you may have a legitimate claim for compensation. You may not have been correctly trained or safeguarded by your employer. Additionally, their inability to adhere to health and safety laws may have unnecessarily placed you in a hazardous environment. In any of these cases, we advise that you contact a solicitor with expertise in personal injury claims as soon as possible.

How much compensation can I claim?

All cases are unique so compensation can vary considerably. However, based on historical cases you could expect to receive anything in the ballpark region of £10,180 to £15,300. To get an accurate evaluation of your specific case you should contact a solicitor.

How to claim

You should contact a personal injury solicitor if you suspect that you have a valid claim. You may be entitled to compensation if you can prove that a third party was responsible for your injury.

Claiming compensation with First Personal Injury

At First Personal Injury, our no win no fee lawyers are specialists in dealing with personal injury claims, including rotator cuff injuries. We can help you to get primary compensation for your injury and we can also assist you in recovering past or future losses. This may include loss of income, cost of professional advice/treatment or cost of therapy or prescriptions.

We understand that it can be difficult making a claim whilst recovering from a Rotator Cuff Injury. However, we are confident that we can help and usually operate on a no win, no fee basis to alleviate our clients of taking any financial risk.

If you would like to discuss a potential claim please call us on 0800 808 9740 or get in touch online via our website.

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