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Making a Claim for Bursitis Compensation

Bursitis is a condition that impacts the muscles near your joints, and it is especially common in the shoulder, elbow, and hip. Generally, bursitis is a condition that is associated with certain professions where repetitive tasks are commonly performed. For example, bricklayer’s shoulders or tennis player’s elbows can often be impacted by this condition. 

Bursae are small fluid sacks that surround the joints within the body. Their purpose is to create a cushion between the muscles and bones to allow for supple movement of the hands, knees, shoulders, and elbows. Bursitis arises when these sacs become inflamed or infected. Usually, this occurs because there has been an overuse of certain joints within the body. Bursitis often results in pain and stiffness within the joints, particularly when bending and in extreme cases, surgery can be required. 

If you have suffered some of the symptoms of the condition, then it could be possible to make a bursitis compensation claim. 

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Amount of Compensation

Compensation will take into account the severity of your condition and the impact that it has had upon your life. For severe knee injuries, the compensation amount can often be between £22,880 – 76,690 depending upon the level of severity. Minor hip injuries could often result in anywhere between £3,000 – £11,000 depending upon the level of severity. For more information about the exact amount of compensation you are likely to receive, you should speak directly to a personal injury solicitor who will be able to assess your case and guide you through.

If you would like to find out more information about compensation estimates for different injuries, please use our compensation calculator.

Compensation will also usually take into account additional costs relating to your injuries and accident. For example, if you have suffered financial losses due to not being able to work then compensation can often recuperate this. Furthermore, if you have had to undergo expensive treatment for your condition like physiotherapy, or have had to travel for treatment, then this can often be covered through compensation. 


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Causes of Bursitis

Due to the main reason for acquiring bursitis being the overuse and extension of certain joints within the body, it is often classed as a repetitive strain injury. Repetitive strain injuries typically arise from completing workplace duties in jobs that include a lot of repetitive movements. 

Certain professions require repetitive movement more than others. For example, a carpet fitter needs to kneel fairly constantly, and machine operatives will also need to put pressure on certain joints to complete the job. 

In bursitis compensation cases an employer is often responsible for creating this medical condition in their employees. Employers have a legal obligation to look after their employees’ health and safety by following certain laws and regulations pertaining to their industry. This includes ensuring that repetitive tasks are changed over between employees so that no one person is forced to repeat the same task for hours and risk injuring themselves. It is also important that employees are given ample rest breaks. This is especially important if the team is small because it might not be possible to continuously swap breaks between employees, especially if you work on your own as a tradesperson perhaps, but breaks can always be taken. Other protections such as the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as knee pads if you have to kneel a lot, should be provided by employers. 

If you have been unable to keep your employment due to the development of bursitis, a development that wasn’t your fault, then you may be able to claim compensation. 

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