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A housemaid’s knee is a painful condition which affects the bursa sacs that are located at the front of the knee. The term ‘housemaid’s knee’ is a colloquial term for a condition called bursitis. Bursitis refers to an inflammation of the bursa sacs. This condition can affect other parts of the body as well, especially the hip or shoulder, but in this particular case we shall be discussing an inflammation of the knee.

 These sacs are designed to reduce friction between the joints which allows for movement between the joints throughout the body. Bursitis can commonly develop in housemaid’s knees because they have to remain in the same position for long periods while cleaning low surfaces.

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Amount of Compensation

Compensation will cover the severity of your injuries as well as the impact that these injuries have had upon your life. While every claim is different and needs to be assessed on an individualistic basis, there are certain general estimations about compensation amounts that can be drawn. If your knee injury is severe the compensation amount could be anywhere between roughly £20,880 – £76,690. If the damage is more moderate compensation is likely to be up to £20,880 and even less if it is minor. Still, no matter the severity of your injury First Personal Injury want to ensure that we get the best compensation amount for you to be able to maintain your quality of life.

To find out more about compensation amounts for different injuries, please visit our compensation calculator.

Compensation also takes into account financial damage. For example, if you have lost money due to being unable to return to work then compensation will take this into account. Similarly, if you have had to pay for or travel to treatment compensation could potentially cover this cost. Therefore, you should keep any receipts that monetarily relate to your injuries. 

The Cause of Housemaid’s Knee

Housemaid’s knee is primarily caused by repetitive movements which can often happen when your job role requires you to be in a constant or long-term kneeling position.

Symptoms include pain, tenderness and swelling. There will also often be pain when attempting to move and sometimes a visible lump underneath the skin at the front of the kneecap. In the most severe cases, the bursa sac can even become infected. 

At-Risk People

Anyone can be affected by housemaid’s knee but those who are most at risk are people whose job requires that they are on their hands and knees for a long period of time. Therefore, the condition doesn’t just affect housemaids, it is also common in other jobs which have this requirement such as carpet fitters. As stated, you could also develop bursitis in other parts of your body if your job requires you to repetitively use that joint. If you are a bricklayer for example you could be at risk of developing bursitis in your shoulder. 


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Your employer has a duty of care to make sure that you are protected within the workplace. If your job has a particular risk for developing housemaid’s knee, then your employer should do everything possible to prevent this. 

Such provisions could include giving you cushions or knee pads to use while working. Provisions should also focus upon giving adequate rest breaks from kneeling so that your joints are not strained. Furthermore, if there are enough workers within the team to do so, the tasks should be changed regularly so that kneeling is not expected of just one person at all times. Perhaps this could mean that one person cleans the floor while another cleans higher up surfaces and these roles are regularly changed over after a while. 

Health and Safety law dictates that your employer must comply with the regulations and rules outlined by the Health and Safety Executive which pertain to their specific industry. If they do not do this and you develop bursitis or any other injury as a result, then a compensation claim could be made. 

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