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How Much Compensation for a Perforated Bowel?

There are several possible causes of a perforated bowel. Most bowel injuries are sustained in high-impact road accidents or as a result of medical negligence from a surgeon or doctor. If you have suffered a ruptured or perforated bowel following an accident or medical negligence you could be entitled to compensation. You have just three years from the date of your accident or knowledge of negligence to claim, so don’t delay. Our experienced team are ready to help you, call us today on 0800 808 9740.

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What is a perforated bowel?

A perforated bowel happens when a medical condition or injury causes a rip or tear in your bowel. It can cause the contents of your bowel to leak into your abdomen which can result in life-threatening infections and complications, such as peritonitis or sepsis. The signs and symptoms of a perforated bowel include:

  • Swelling of the abdomen
  • Fever
  • Severe abdominal pain and tenderness
  • Nausea or vomiting

Sometimes the bowel is damaged when mistakes occur during an operation such as an endoscopy or colonoscopy. It is also possible for the bowel to rupture on its own accord. This could happen as a result of medical negligence, for instance, if a condition such as Crohn’s disease is not treated properly. In instances like these, the injured person is usually able to claim clinical negligence compensation. In other cases, bowel injuries are sustained in high-impact road traffic accidents. Abdominal trauma (and subsequent bowel injury) can be caused by a seatbelt following rapid deceleration. Sometimes, bowel injuries are sustained by motorcyclists and cyclists involved in a road accident. If you have sustained a bowel injury in an accident caused by another road user, you could be eligible to claim compensation.


As a ruptured bowel can have serious, long-lasting consequences, compensation settlements for claims for this type can be significant. The table below gives an idea of the level of compensation you or your loved one might receive. Every case is different, however, so these figures are purely a guide. For a more accurate idea of how much you might receive, you should speak to us.

Level of Bowel Injury

Amount of Compensation

  • Cases of double incontinence (total loss of natural bowel function and complete loss of urinary function and control), together with other medical complications

    Up to £146,840

  • Total loss of natural bowel function and dependence on colostomy depending on age

    Up to £119,650

  • Severe abdominal injury and impaired bowel function and an intermittent need to a colostomy, which has affected future employment

    £35,540 – £55,590


The figures in the table above relate to bowel injury only. Because bowel injuries can have serious, long-term effects, they tend to result in significant compensation settlements. Also, if you decide to make a bowel injury compensation claim, you may be able to recover other losses related to your injury. For instance, you might be able to recover the cost of travelling to and from medical appointments or prescription costs. Some individuals who have suffered a bowel injury may need to use a colostomy following corrective surgery. This can have a significant impact on their everyday life. When calculating the value of your claim, your solicitor will assess the impact your injury has had on every part of your life. For example, if your injury has left you unable to work temporarily while you recover or has harmed your long-term employment prospects, you will be able to claim for loss of earnings.


Claiming compensation for a perforated bowel

If you have had an operation or procedure that requires a medical professional to work close to or on the bowel, they should have alerted you to the risks beforehand. Any post-operative care you have received should include being aware of potential bowel problems after surgery. Legally, all medical specialists have a duty of care to you. If a doctor, nurse, or surgeon has been negligent in their care and this has resulted in you sustaining a perforated bowel or similar injury, you may be able to claim medical negligence compensation. If you have sustained a bowel injury in a car accident or other kind of road traffic accident, where another party was at fault, you can pursue perforated bowel compensation.


At First Personal Injury, we are ready to help you claim compensation. We usually work on a no-win, no-fee basis. This means there is no financial risk involved in making a claim. To learn more about making a bowel compensation claim, get in touch with our expert legal team today. Call us on 0800 808 9740 or complete our online make a claim form to arrange a confidential conversation about your potential claim.