Rise In Pothole Accident Claims ReportedRise In Pothole Accident Claims Reported

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As a result of severe weather conditions in the UK, there has been a substantial increase in the number of accident claims due to potholes on the British roads.

AA Recent Report Regarding Pothole Accidents

This was the view of the AA in a recent report. Potholes cause not only damage to a car but they can also have deadly consequences. Cash strapped local councils have been criticised for just patching up the roads. But they are laying the blame firmly in the hands of the utility companies who fail to resurface roads properly after repairs have been carried out.

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Calls For Government To Resolve Pothole Epidemic

Simon Douglas, Director of AA insurance, called on the Government to solve this pothole epidemic. The motoring body are urging the Government to put the extra money they have received from VAT on petrol into resurfacing roads. This in turn would not only reduce the number of compensation claims but needless accidents would also be avoided.

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