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You should be able to put your faith in medical professionals without hesitation. Most healthcare professionals are diligent and trustworthy individuals who prioritise the care of patients.

In cases of late and misdiagnosis claims, this responsibility of care is not always deliberately neglected; sometimes, these claims arise because of a mistake or lack of professional judgement.

Whatever the reason for your incorrect diagnosis, if the blame was not your own, in most cases, it is possible to pursue a medical negligence claim.

Do I Qualify?

Do I Qualify For a Wrong Diagnosis Claim?

If you are uncertain as to whether your potential claim will be successful, it is recommended you get in touch with a personal injury lawyer straight away. He/she will be able to advise you of the validity of your claim.

Common Claim Kinds

Common Kinds Of Late and Misdiagnosis Claims


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  • A doctor may miss some details of a medical test you have had
  • A doctor may misinterpret results
  • There could have been a delay in you receiving a referral to a specialist
  • A slow or late response to test results during an illness where time is of the essence to help secure a full recovery
  • Some people may be receiving a full treatment programme for an illness they do not actually have because they have been wrongly diagnosed
  • Some diseases cause other diseases. It is important to treat the underlying disease and not the symptom that has been mistaken for a disease.
  • Incorrect prescribing of medication can cause problems and long-term use of some drugs can cause serious health problems

Claiming With First Personal Injury

Beginning Late or Misdiagnosis Claims with First Personal Injury

Our team has experience in dealing with a range of different medical negligence claims relating to a wrong diagnosis.

We understand that if you have been misdiagnosed, it can be a very difficult time for you and your family. We aim to put you at ease by handling your case sensitively and professionally. Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to discuss your case in more detail on 0800 808 9740.

Other Types Of Compensation

Other Types Of Medical Negligence Compensation

At First Personal Injury we deal with many different types of claims for clinical and medical negligence, including:

Making Personal Injury Claims

If you’ve had a personal injury, you may be entitled to compensation. The solicitors at First Personal Injury are on hand to assist you and help you win the compensation you’re entitled to.

Contact First Personal Injury today to make an accident or injury claim for compensation. Get in touch by ringing the number above or by filling out our online form.

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