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Maternity Care Review

01 Apr 2022

Maternity Care Review

An independent review of maternity services at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust has revealed underlying issues in maternity services across NHS England trusts that must be systematically changed according to the author of the report.

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NHS England Maternity Reforms 

Chair of the review Donna Ockenden said: “Systemic change is needed locally, and nationally, to ensure that care provided to families is always professional and compassionate and that teams from ward to board are aware of and accountable for the values and standards that they should be upholding.   “Going forward, there can be no excuses, Trust boards must be held accountable for the maternity care they provide. To do this, they must understand the complexities of maternity care and they must receive the funding they require.”  The report highlights the systematic changes that NHS England trusts need to implement to ensure that childbirth is safe for women in England.

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