Rising Compensation Claims For Injuries Caused By Escaped LivestockRising Compensation Claims For Injuries Caused By Escaped Livestock

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Escaped livestock are increasingly the reason for injury compensation claims. Cheshire farmer Stephen Lawson, says there is a rising trend in compensation claims for injuries caused particularly by escaped horses and cattle.

Complex Area of Law

Unfortunately, this area of law is so complex that farmers could end up paying hefty compensation awards, even if they are not responsible for the accident that has occurred, says Mr Lawson, who is urging animal keepers to make sure they are fully insured against such claims. Even without negligence, a farmer could still be found to blame for an accident involving escaped livestock.

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Animal Owners Advised To Be Fully Insured Against Claims

Apart from taking steps to prevent escapes, the advice is to be fully insured against claims. If an accident occurs as a result of some negligence on the part of the animal keeper, most people would accept that an innocent victim would have the right to make a legal claim, says Mr Lawson.

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