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Conditional Fee Arrangement - What Is It?

A Conditional Fee Arrangement (also called a ‘no win no fee’ agreement) is a type of agreement made between a client and a solicitor at the start of the legal process. 

The agreement states that if the client’s case is lost then they will not have to pay any fees to the solicitor. However, every agreement is different and so you should ensure that you understand exactly what is being agreed upon when entering into a contract or agreement with a solicitor’s firm. 

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Changes to Conditional Fee Agreements

CFAs began in the late 1990s to ensure that everyone could take part in the legal process regardless of their financial security. Solicitor’s fees were paid by the losing party.

In April 2013, new legislation introduced in the UK meant that clients may now have to pay towards the legal costs if they win the case, but this would only occur if your claim is successful. 

Payment of the Solicitor

If your case is won, the majority of your legal costs will be met through the insurance of the losing party. However, due to the changes in 2013, the losing party no longer pays the ‘success fee’ portion. Instead, this fee is deductible from your compensation. However, there is a cap placed upon what can be taken from your compensation and you will never have to pay more than 30% of your compensation towards legal fees. 


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The situation if a Case is Lost

If your case is lost, then you will not have to pay any legal costs to your solicitor. The other party may attempt to seek damages from you. However, you should be protected against this by the ‘one way qualified costs shifting’ notion brought into effect in 2013.  This means that defendants will generally be ordered to pay the costs of successful claimants but, apart from in certain specific cases, they will not be able to recover their own costs if the claim is defended against.

Still, your solicitor may advise you to purchase a policy to cover certain elements of cost. This policy will only become payable at the end of your case and the premium is therefore only due if you win. Your solicitor can advise you on this aspect in greater detail during your initial consultation. 

Considerations Prior to Entering into a No Win No Fee Agreement

When a no win no fee solicitor looks at certain aspects of your case, they will consider the following: 

  • What evidence there is to prove your claim
  • How strong they believe your case to be 

Therefore, if your solicitor believes your case has enough validity to win based upon these factors, then they are likely to take your case on and enter into a no win no fee agreement.

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