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Medical Negligence / Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery performed on the nose. It is a very common procedure made available in both private and NHS practices.

Rhinoplasty is normally known as a ‘nose job’ and it is a popular choice for people who are unhappy with aesthetic nasal imperfections.

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Types of Nose Jobs

Most procedures involve lifting the skin around the nose and working with bones and cartilage around the area. This vulnerable part of the body coupled with a sometimes complex procedure can mean there are a number of things that can go wrong with rhinoplasty.

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Some of the most common types of rhinoplasty are:

  • Reshaping
  • Removing bumps on the bridge or any other part of the nose
  • Having your whole nose reduced in size
  • Changing the size of the nostrils
When does a Rhinoplasty Operation Become Clinical Negligence?

When you are placed in the care of a medical practitioner, they have a duty of care to you. You should be made aware of all risks before surgery commences and it is important that aftercare is prioritised.

You may be surprised to learn that if you are not happy with your rhinoplasty operation, you may not have received negligent care. If the treatment you received was indeed negligent, this will need to be confirmed by a trusted independent medical authority not concerned with the surgery responsible for your procedure.

Some of the major problems encountered following rhinoplasty surgery are below:

  • Having difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Acquiring an infection
  • Being unable to smell
  • Severe bleeding (clots)
  • Injuries to the eye
  • Retracted columella
  • Nasal collapse
  • Over-filing the bridge of the nose in a reduction procedure
  • Weakening of the nose, leading to collapse
  • Surgery that was too aggressive can cause the nose to turn down, lumps on the side of the nose, or create a distorted tip
  • Facial scarring or facial disfigurement
Claiming Rhinoplasty Negligence Compensation

Like other types of medical negligence compensation claims, it is possible to claim for financial losses. This includes loss of earnings if you have not been able to return to work or fees paid for further corrective surgery to sort out the mistake. You might also be able to recover any other medical expenses you have had to pay for.

Pain and suffering injuries differ from one rhinoplasty surgery to the next. Your compensation will be based on your own individual circumstances.