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With thousands of people watching sports events every week, it is hardly surprising that attendants are sometimes injured.

This can happen for a range of reasons including:

  • poor lighting at the venue possibly resulting in falling,
  • inadequate or unsafe seating
  • poor crowd control leading to overcrowding and crushing.

Those responsible for the running of sporting events should ensure that high standards are kept and health and safety guidelines are met.

Walkways should be unobstructed and free to flow. Barriers and bannisters should be safe, solid and tightly fixed in place so as not to cause an accident. Crowd areas and shelters should be well maintained, free from rubbish and trip hazards.

Other claims

Other claims made by spectators include:

  • injuries incurred after being hit by sports equipment (such as an ice hockey puck or cricket ball)
  • injuries caused by large crowds due to poor steward supervision
  • accidents at motorsports events.

If you have attended a sports event and suffered an injury through no fault of your own, you may be able to claim compensation.

Just as other venues like theatres or shopping centres need to adhere to health and safety regulations so too do arenas and other sports facilities. It may have been at a cricket, football or rugby league match, at your local leisure centre or a larger event like a World Cup or Olympic venue that your accident occurred. No matter where you were injured, it is the responsibility of the facility to exercise due professional care to its visitors.

Examples of spectator injuries where sports claims may be eligible include:

  • Overcrowding in a sports venue
  • Poor crowd control
  • Unsafe seating or poorly constructed stands
  • Inadequate lighting conditions in enclosed areas

If you have attended an event and have been injured, you could claim compensation for your injuries. Our expert accident lawyers have years of experience & knowledge in this area of accident claims and are here to help you.

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