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Street slips, trips & falls

Public events can be anything from a festival to an exhibition, and usually involve a gathering of people in a public space. While these events can be enjoyable, accidents at public events can easily arise due to poor crowd management, unsafe equipment and structural issues. If you’ve been injured at an event in a public place, you could have the right to claim accident compensation.

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Slips, Trips or Falls at Public Events

Due to the varying size and nature of public events, the level of personal risk can vary. Accidents at events such as music festivals are often the source of media attention, but slips, trips and falls can occur in a variety of other public events such as:

  • Sporting Events
  • Marches, Processions & Demonstrations
  • Street Parties
  • Religious Events

Poor crowd management can often lead to energised crowds becoming disorderly and in serious cases, stampedes can arise. Unsafe equipment like electrical cabling or weak structures such as stages, platforms, steps and barriers can cause a range of serious to minor injuries.

Safety at Public Events – your rights

It’s the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure your safety whilst at a public event – event organisers should be aware of possible risks and take measures to ensure the event is safe for you to attend. If an event organiser has potentially been negligent & put the safety of event attendees at risk they may be liable in the case of an accident.

If you attended an event and were injured, you could have the right to claim compensation for your injuries. Our accident lawyers have the experience & knowledge in these types of accident claims to help you.

How to claim compensation

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Our experienced solicitors are always happy to help you through the process and aim to get you the compensation you deserve.


Examples of tripping and slipping accident claims successfully pursued include:


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