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Accident and Emergency (A&E) provides an essential service for people in critical and life-threatening situations. In this day and age, these departments are busier than they’ve ever been. There were over twenty-three million visits to A&E in 2017-18 alone.

You may have the right to claim for compensation if you experienced medical or clinical negligence after being admitted to A&E in England or Wales.

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Types of A&E negligence

A&E is one of the most demanding NHS departments in which medical professionals can work. It is the busiest department and many patients experience an excess of 12 hours in A&E according to a recent press release by the British Medical Association (BMA). While the vast majority of people are treated very effectively, this high-pressure environment is arguably more prone to mistakes.

Some common examples of negligence include scenarios where medical staff have:

  • Failed to examine patients thoroughly
  • Misinterpreted test results (e.g. x-rays, scans and blood tests)
  • Failed to take a proper patient history
  • Failed to diagnose an illness or underlying medical condition
  • Administered the wrong medication or treatment
  • Misdiagnosed broken or fractured bones
  • Sent patients home incorrectly (when they should have been admitted for further treatment)

Making a claim

Medical experts who are employed to work in A&E departments have to undergo specialist training to work within such a high-pressure environment. You could be entitled to make a claim if you are harmed as a result of any medical professional or another member of staff failing to meet the standard expected of them.

A&E negligence can have long-term consequences on the life of an individual. The financial aspect of an illness or injury can be alleviated significantly through a compensation package.

Ultimately your claim will compensate you for the injury or illness you have encountered as a result of A&E negligence. Moreover, it can help you to cover further costs such as medical treatment, care/therapy and loss or earnings.

We recommend contacting a specialist lawyer if you believe that you have been impacted by A&E negligence.

In the vast majority of cases, you must make a claim within three years for it to be valid. It is therefore advisable to commence your claim without delay.

Compensation on a no win, no fee basis

At First Personal Injury our solicitors will walk you through the legal process step-by-step to ensure that your claim is easy and successful. You can have the reassurance of taking no financial risk because our experts work on a no win, no fee arrangement.

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