Prescription And Dispensing Error Compensation ClaimsPrescription And Dispensing Error Compensation Claims

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Most of us, at some point, have received a medical prescription from our doctors or a hospital and in the vast majority of cases, there are no problems. However, sometimes mistakes are made with prescriptions which can cause problems. If you have had a bad experience as a result of a medical prescription, it may be possible to make a personal injury claim.

Because all drugs and medicines are designed to do different things to our bodies, there are any number of different symptoms arising from taking either a wrong dosage or an incorrect type of drug. Even a drug prescribed over an incorrect period of time can result in health problems. Allergic reactions, brain damage and sometimes even death can occur in serious cases.

Medical professionals need to be especially careful when prescribing medicines to children who are known to be more physically vulnerable than most adults. In particular, the age and weight of a child should be considered.

You should always check the instructions and guidelines on the back of the packaging before you take your medicine or drugs. Check that what you have been given from a dispensary is the same as what is written on the prescription by the medical professional.

Types of Prescription Error Claims

Some of the most common types of prescription errors are detailed below:

  • A patient can sometimes be given a prescription of the wrong dosage. This mistake can occur when the prescription is given or when medication is dispensed.
  • If the wrong type of a drug or medicine is prescribed, this can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Reactions to some drugs can be serious.
  • If a patient has continued to be issued with the same prescription on a repeat basis without being examined at the correct intervals then this can also result in negative medical effects
  • If a combination of medicines is taken at the same time then this can also cause harm. Precautions should be made to ensure this does not happen

Making a Prescription Error Claim

For many years, our team at First Personal Injury have dealt with a range of different clinical negligence claims including cases that have arisen because of a mistake with prescription medicine or drugs. It is important to remember that in most cases you will have three years in which to start a claim starting from the date you first had knowledge that the error caused you harm or illness. If you suspect that you may have become ill as a result of a mistake with a prescription, it is advisable to look into as soon as possible and contact a personal injury lawyer to assist you further.

Making a Medical Negligence Claim with First Personal Injury

If you would like to find out more about making a personal injury claim related to clinical negligence, have a look at our FAQ section or complete an online claim form detailing your circumstances and a member of our team will be in touch. Alternatively, call us on 0800 808 9740 to speak to one of our no win, no fee solicitors.

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