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If you have been involved in a fall from height at work and have suffered an injury as a result, you could be able to claim compensation in response. 

Accidents which involve falling from a serious height can often result in very serious injuries and this type of accident is sadly the most common type of fatality in the workplace. Therefore, it is important that employers and employees take any and all necessary precautions to ensure safety in the workplace.

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Responsibility of the Employer

While a fall from height accident is theoretically possible in any industry, certain industries like construction, building and engineering have a higher occurrence of these sorts of accidents due to the nature of the job. Where possible, employees should find alternatives to using ladders, such as the use of platforms and scaffolding which is generally more secure. 

 Employers have a duty of care to protect their employees from suffering harm. The most effective way to ensure the health and safety of employees is to abide by health and safety regulations. For example, within businesses where the use of ladders is necessary, these ladders must be compliant with the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Work at Height Regulations 2005. These regulations state that anti-slip measures should be put in place, such as securing the stiles of the ladder at or near the upper or lower ladder ends. Similarly, a ladder that is used for access should be long enough to protrude above the place of landing to ensure safety. There are many other regulations, not just ones specific to ladders, outlined within the 2005 regulations and anyone who works in a business that requires employees to work at height should be aware of these rules. 

Employers must also ensure that there is the provision of adequate training to staff so that staff are aware of such regulations and know how to effectively implement and abide by safety measures. There should also be regular risk assessments and protective equipment, such as hard hats, should be provided where necessary. If an employer has failed to take these protective measures and an accident has occurred, the employee may be able to make a claim in response. 


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Types of Falls from Heights Claims

There are many different types of falls that someone could suffer when working from height, such as: 

  • Lack of protective equipment e.g. harnesses or barriers
  • Falling downstairs or steps
  • Falling off ladders
  • Scaffolding that has not been correctly or safely constructed and secured
  • Use of unsafe surfaces like skylights or fragile roofs
  • Falls from machinery
  • Falls from any unguarded holes or drops

Amount of Compensation

The amount of compensation awarded in personal injury cases is dependent upon the pain, suffering, loss of amenity/function and financial losses that have occurred due to the accident. These financial losses could include a loss of income due to having to take time off work. The injuries resulting from a fall from height are likely to be severe and have a significant impact upon your life, possibly resulting in disability and a loss of earnings due to an inability to return to your former job role. Compensation can help relieve worries about the future that might result from such a life-changing event, such as hiring someone to help take care of the afflicted person or helping to remodel a house in order to cater for someone with a disability.

To view compensation estimates for certain injuries, visit our compensation calculator. For a more in-depth analysis of how much compensation you would likely receive based upon your specific circumstances, you should speak directly to us.

Making Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured due to a fall from height at work that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. First Personal Injury solicitors are available to assist you and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. 

First Personal Injury work with both families and individuals across England and Wales, leading them on their legal journey and helping them claim compensation after an accident or injury.

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