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There are many kinds of injury which could lead to a broken foot. Accidents at work and slipping and tripping accidents are two of the most common kinds of accident claim.

Damaging your foot in any way can cause permanent or temporary disability and can affect your employment prospects.

If you have suffered an injury of this kind and would like to know how much compensation for a broken foot, read on to learn about the kind of considerations taken when calculating a personal injury claim.









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Compensation Quantities For A Broken Foot Claim

  • If you have fractured your foot and it is classed as a simple fracture with a predicted full recovery then you can expect to receive up to £5,000 in compensation
  • Modest foot injuries also include injuries such as metatarsal fractures. Continuous symptoms are usually present e.g. pain, aching or limping. Amounts for these injuries are usually up to £9,800
  • If your broken foot has been classed as a displaced metatarsal fracture and you have experienced a permanent disability and/or deformity with the possibility of osteoarthritis then you can expect between £9,800 and £17,850 in compensation
  • £17,850 and £28,00 is the approximate parameters you can suppose for a broken foot which has resulted in continuous pain as a result of traumatic arthritis with lengthy treatment with the possibility of needing fusion surgery
  • If both of your heels or feet have been fractured and your mobility has been restricted then you can expect to receive from £30,000 and £50,000. For instance, if you have experienced extensive surgery; heel fusion; ulceration or other disabilities
  • The highest bracket granted for foot injuries including a broken foot is £60,000 to £78,300. For this amount to be given your injury must be regarded as serious. i.e. your condition is disabling and permanent

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How Do I Claim Compensation For A Broken Foot?

We recommend that you speak to a personal injury lawyer in the first instance. If you would like to know how much compensation for a broken foot then you will need to tell your accident claims solicitor the details of your case.

A broken foot can often lead to very painful and debilitating conditions which leave you in lots of pain and unable to carry out activities you did prior to your injury. If the accident was someone else’s fault then there is a possibility that you will be able to pursue a compensation claim.

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