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Breaks and Fractures Claims

A broken or fractured bone can be the unfortunate result of almost any major or minor incident and there is a common misunderstanding that the two are very different. In medical terms, however, there is no difference between a break and a fracture, in fact, they both mean that the bone has been disturbed in a certain way. Whether the outcome of an accident is a ‘hairline fracture’ or an ‘open break’, you may be entitled to compensation if you were not at fault.

With 206 bones in the human body, technically they can all become subject to a break or fracture. From a broken toe to a fractured skull, the level of severity for this injury can differ massively with some even resulting in life-changing surgery.

Types of broken bones

A number of factors contribute towards the risk of a broken bone or fracture and medical research has shown they are common in young children and the elderly. However, as any bone can be broken on impact, it may only take a small mistake which ends up causing such injury. There are a wide range of breaks and fractures; those known as ‘greenstick’ fractures do not require a cast, whereas, in some cases, the bone is so badly damaged that it could take months of rehabilitation.

Other terms include:

  • Simple or closed fracture – can be treated fairly easily with minor medical attention as there is normally only slight damage to nearby tissue.
  • Compound or open fracture – this injury may need more treatment as they can often be considered as complex breaks which have damaged surrounding skin.
  • Comminuted fracture – this type of fracture is when the bone completely shatters into several fragments.
  • Hairline fracture – a slight or fine crack in the bone which may only faintly show up on an X-ray and requires a small amount of treatment to repair.
  • Spiral fracture – depending on impact, this type of fracture will be a spiral-shaped break across the bone.
  • Transverse fracture – this is when the one is broken at a right angle in a straight line.
  • Oblique fracture – known to be a common fracture and it occurs when the bone breaks diagonally.
  • Compression fracture – this can be a severe injury as the bone is crushed, causing it to be flat in appearance.

 The impact of a break or fracture

Breaking a bone can result in a huge amount of swelling, pain and countless hospital visits. If an individual or a company was responsible for the incident that caused your injury you may sue them for negligence. This could be in response to poor health and safety at work, for example, meaning your injury was potentially the cause of failings in the workplace.

Break or fracture? We can help

Breaks and fractures require time to heal. It can be a frustrating process. You may be immobilised for several weeks as you wait for a break or fracture to heal. After that, you’ll need to regain your strength through exercise and physiotherapy.

The rehabilitation period can also prove to be costly in the sense that everyday tasks become challenging, and assistance in terms of getting around or having time off work may put a strain on your bank balance. When a break or fractures is not your fault, it’s your right to make a claim. A successful broken bone compensation claim can help to ease this financial burden.


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