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Spinal Cord Injury Claims

There are many different elements involved in spinal cord injury (SCI) cases due to the complexity of the injury and the scope of possible causes.

Spinal cord injuries involve an injury to the spine which has been caused by trauma. Often, spinal cord injuries are caused in road traffic accidentsaccidents at workfalls from height or medical negligence.

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Claiming For A Spinal Cord Injury

In some cases, there can be low levels of pain involved, while in others there can be complete paralysis. ‘Complete’ paralysis means a total loss of function below the area of injury and is usually caused by damage across the entire width of the spinal cord. On the other hand, ‘incomplete’ is a term used to describe a loss of a certain different level of physical function below the area of injury. Incomplete paralysis is caused by damage across only part of the spinal cord.

The consequences of a spinal cord or spinal injury can mean that some victims experience paralysis which could be in a part or the whole of their body. In many cases, it is likely there will be serious and lifelong effects for victims and their families.

Am I At Risk Of A Spinal Injury?

Almost everyone has a risk of suffering a spinal injury on some level. If you are a driver, passenger or pedestrian involved in a car accident; if you are taking part in sports, particularly contact sports; if you have fallen from a height at home or in the workplace then your risk is increased for a back injury.

Whatever the reason for your spinal injury, if the accident was not your fault, then you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

What Is Considered In My Spinal Injury Claim

Often, spinal injury claims can result in high compensation settlement figures because of the severe and detrimental physical impact that these injuries can have. If you or your loved one has been unable to work because of spinal injury, your loss or earnings will be factored into your claim. We will also be able to consider any future loss of earnings.

The level of pain you have suffered and loss of amenity you have experienced will also be considered along with any medical expenses you have had to pay for. In all personal injury compensation cases, third-party blame must be demonstrated clearly in order for it to be successful.

Interim payments for spinal cord injury claims

In many spinal injury claims, our solicitors will be able to secure interim payments and rehabilitation at the earliest opportunity. This will ensure that your immediate financial and rehabilitative needs are met before the final settlement of your claim.


Rehabilitation is essential in making sure you or your loved one are able to make the best recovery. As part of your settlement package, we can help you access the specialist rehabilitation and care you require.

How Much Compensation?

The following is just a guide to the potential levels of compensation for pain and suffering. Compensation amounts vary widely. This is because the injury can have different implications in terms of future ability to work, walk, or carry out day-to-day activities.



  • Cases which are not considered as serious as the above, yet have certain features which make them not applicable to lower brackets. Where there has been nerve root damage, loss of sensation, lack of mobility and reduced function of the bowel and bladder.

    £59,120 – £70,490

  • Severe spinal cord and nerve root damage where a patient has experienced extreme pain, disability and some degree of incomplete paralysis. Other side effects may include dysfunction of the bowel or bladder

    £72,620 – £128,320