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Trigger finger is an injury caused by the thickening of tendons in your hands. The result is a finger or thumb which locks into position when it is bent and when it unfolds it does so in a trigger-like mechanism. It can happen to one or more of your fingers and or thumbs.

Trigger finger is recognised as being a possible start to a more serious condition of tendonitis which can painful and have long-term effects for some sufferers.

When the finger is bent for too long it can cause the tendons to overlap – hence the term – thickening.

Causes Of Trigger Finger Compensation

There are a number of causes related to trigger finger compensation. One of the main causes is when there has been repetitive use of certain digits on the hand/s. It is therefore often classed as a Repetitive Strain Injury or a Work-related Upper Limb Disorder.

Often, the reason for your trigger finger injury can be no fault of your employer. However, if it has not complied with legal health and safety protocol then it could have acted negligently in relation to your injury.

Because powerful tools in the workplace can often cause the condition it is important that employers recognise that employees need to have regular breaks from repetitive tasks and that all tools are maintained correctly.

If this is the case then you could possibly make a trigger finger compensation claim.

Consequences Of Trigger Finger Injuries

If you thinking of making a claim then it could be that you have suffered pain or had to pay for expenses connected to your injury.

Sufferers can end being unable to grip objects which can be very debilitating in many aspects of everyday life e.g. holding a pen or fastening belts and buckles. Other effects can mean sleepless nights for some.

Sometimes the effects of this kind of Work Related Upper Limb Disorder can mean that you have had to have some time off work. If this is you and you have encountered a loss of earnings as a result then this could be reimbursed in your compensation claim.

A trigger finger compensation claim will factor in the pain and suffering you have undergone; this could be long or short-term effects. If you experience ongoing pain or have had to have surgery in an attempt to correct or ease the symptoms of your condition then you compensation amount will be higher.

In all cases, it must be proven that your accident exists because of the negligence of someone else, in more trigger finger cases, this is down to employers.

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